Knob System: Roth - Werke

Installation and planning to the European standard for floor heating -  the Knob system from Roth-Werke, Germany has a 100% thermally insulated break underneath the floor and around the perimeter of the building.

The NZBC stipulates the insulation level where floor heating is to be used must be a minimum of R1.9.

Most systems installed in New Zealand today and over the past 20 years have rarely reached this minimum standard.

With buildings now completed it is impossible to improve performance and efficiency and the current and future running costs are borne by the building owner and the CO pollutants by us all.

Correct planning and installation must be done at the start of the architectural drawing process to ensure high efficiency and performance.

A structural floor must first be constructed with the floor system insulation panels and pipework laid on top of this.

An  insulation strip is also installed around the perimeter of the floor to prevent heat escaping.

Once this is completed and 45mm concretet screed is poured over the pipework and insulation.

This has a complete thermal break between the inside of the building and outside.

The R rating is 2 - slightly above the recommended standard by the NZBC

Please call our planning office for more information.