Menhir: Manufactured by Antrax - Italy

Bioethanol, also known as denaturated ethyl alcohol is a biological natural fuelobtained through the fermentation of vegetable products and waste such as sugar beet, sugar cane and cereals (sugary substances).

During the burning process the ethyl alcohol combines with the oxygen producing heat, water vapour and carbon dioxide.

The carbon dioxide absorbed by plants through photosynthesis is then brought back in circulation in the shape of oxygen.

This cycle explains why ethyl alcohol (bioethanol) is classified among renewable energies, it significantly reduces carbon dioxide release which is liable for green house effect.

Building for our present and future means thinking outside the box, with the aim of developing functional elements that are highly distinctive and meet the needs of contemporary living perfectly.

This fundamental intellectual view, shared with Antrax, has produced‘Menhir’, a changing, fluid aluminium geometry that transforms with a simple gesture from a hieratic domestic sculpture into a smoothstone with a spark of fire to warm your soul.