Teso: Manufactured by Antrax - Italy

TESO Dante O. Benini and Luca Gonzo design - New

Teso…a warm travel companion: discrete, accommodating, helping to keep things tidy, but with a handy hook for potential unsuspected mess.

Everything can appear perfect and at the same time perfectly casual, without ever arousing unease.

An unusual musical instrument always in your memory, but never created.

A free composition of shapes that, subjectively dressed, become new inspirations for decoration, never the same, never repetitive, breaking the mould, fantasy and taste personalised by a reassuring warmth, next to which you can hide at "cold" times. Architecture? Design? Perhaps…

Teso can be installed horizontally and vertically and in both cases can also be used as an elegant towel warmer.

It is made up of a 23cm wide element installed individually or with two or three elements; its height can vary from 150 to 170 or 200cm.