Vitocal 200-S: Viessmann - Germany



Heating and cooling system with internal and external unit

As an alternative the Vitocal 200-S heat pump is also available as a heating system only or as a system for heating and cooling.

The Vitocal 200-S utilises the latent heat in the outdoor air.

The weather-resistant external unit can be sited where required and is easy to install, even on external walls, thanks to its compact dimensions.

Freestanding installation next to the building or on a flatroof is also possible.

For easy servicing and use, the internal unit is sited in a utility room inside the building.

It comprises the necessary hydraulic connections, the heat exchanger,a high efficiency circulation pump (compliant with Energy Label A) and a 3-way diverter valve for the provision of heating water and DHW.

The Vitocal 200-S, type AWB-AC, additionally includes a three-stage instantaneous heating water heater.

In summer, the Vitocal 200-S, type AWB-AC,can also be used to cool the rooms in the building.

PV Solar Electricity

  • Use in conjunction with your PV solar array for greater savings and lower C02 emmissions


Great heating solutions for use with Heatpump system


Hybrid System

  • Can be utilised as a dual system with either diesel, gas or pellet boilers. The ratio is 80% of the work is undertaken by the heatpump while the remaining is with the high temperature boiler.