Vitocal 333-G: Viessmann - Germany


Vitocal 333-G, compact brine/water heat pump with DHW cylinder

Vitocal 333-G NC, including all components for natural cooling

Vitocal 343-G, generally including the option to connect to a solar thermal system

The Vitocal 343-G and Vitocal 333-G were developed as compact and highly efficient solutions for new builds.

As partof this development, generously sized heat exchangers have been integrated to enable a high COP (COP = coefficient of performance) of 4.7 to be achieved, in accordance withEN 14511, with brine 0 °C/water 35 °C.

The seasonal performance factor specifies the relationship between the heat volume (heating energy) transferred and the energy (drive energy) supplied, over the course of a year.

The innovative RCD system (RefrigerantCycle Diagnostic) played a vital role in the improvement of the seasonal performance factor.

This system enables a highly precise and rapid control of the refrigerant circuit via an electronic expansion valve.

TheRCD system ensures that the heat pump operates with optimum efficiency at every operating point.

In addition, energy saving, high efficiency pumps for the brine and heating circuits ensure very low consumption costs and therefore a high seasonal performance factor in all three output sizes.

With solar cylinder or natural cooling

Vitocal 343-G is designed for the connection of a solar thermal system for DHW heating. A generously sized solar cylinder with a 220 l capacity and a solar control unit have been integrated into the appliance for this purpose.

In the compact Vitocal 333-G, a DHW cylinder with a 170 l capacity ensures a generous supply of DHW.

To help cool you down on hot summer days, the Vitocal 333-G is also available in a version with an integral natural cooling function.

Small footprint

With their space saving designs, the Vitocal 343-G and Vitocal 333-G are particularly suitable for situations wherespace is restricted. The brine circulation pump, heating circuit pump and the 3-way diverter valve are already integrated inside the compact casing that completely protects the refrigeration module/hydraulic compartment from the outside environment and in conjunction with the three-dimensional anti-vibration mounts minimises operating noise.

These compact heat pumps are someo f the quietest in their category, as they only generate 38 dB(A) at 0/35 °C.For easier handling, the height of the unit was reduced and the body designed to spli tinto sections.

Variable connection accessories supplied ex works make heat pump installation easier.

Extremely easy to operate

Like all our compact appliances, the Vitocal 343-G and Vitocal 333-G are equipped with the user friendly Vitotronic control unit. If in doubt, help is available at the push of a button.

The graphic interface will also display heating curves and solar yield.

The programming unit of the Vitotronic control unit can be removed from the front of the compact appliances.

A 5 metre long connecting cable enables it to be mounted almost anywhere in a convenient position inside a wall mounting base.

Take advantage of these benefits:

  • Compact brine/water heat pumps with heating outputs from 5.9 to 10.3 kW
  • Low operating costs through high coefficients of performance:COP value (COP = coefficient of performance) to EN 14511 up to 4.7 (brine 0 °C/water 35 °C)
  • High DHW supply through integral DHW cylinder with 220 l capacity inthe Vitocal 343-G (Vitocal 333-G with 170 l capacity)
  • Maximum flow temperature of up to 60 °C for high DHW supply
  • Integral power saving high efficiency pumps (Energy Label A)
  • Very quiet thanks to a new sound insulation concept resulting in a sound powerlevel of 38 dB(A) at 0/35 °C
  • Vitotronic control unit that is easy to operate with plain text display
  • The programming unit in the control unit can also be fitted on a wallmounting base
  • Ready to connect, ex works
  • Easy handling through reduced height and split casing
  • Convenient and compact through integral NC (natural cooling) function for theVitocal 333-G
  • Can be extended with convenient communication technology
  • Instantaneous heating water heater integrated as standard


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