Vitoladens 333-F: Viessmann - Germany

Vitoladens 333-F – with a 130 litre DHW cylinder

When you need maximum central heating and DHW convenience in a single appliance the Vitoladens 333-F has it all.

This economical oil condensing boiler has an integral 130 litre DHW cylinder to provide hot water conveniently.

Economical burner

The particularly quiet, two-stage Compact blue flame burner in these condensing boilers matches its output to the current heat demand and is economical and efficient. No energy is wasted. The burner operates in balanced or open flue mode, thus allowing flexible siting of the oil condensing boiler. The burner works with all commercially available types of low-sulphur fuel oil.

Efficient in every respect

The Vitoladens 333-F has a standard seasonal efficiency  of 98 percent, now features an integral High efficiency circulation pump that further enhances its energy-saving credentials. Compared to conventional pumps, the new heating circuit pump consumes up to 70 percent less power and consequently is A-rated.

Convenient Vitotronic control unit

The Vitotronic control unit offers intuitive operation. The easily legible backlit monochrome display is 70 percent larger than that on comparable devices. In addition, it can display graphics enabling it to show heating curves as well. If in doubt, help is available at the push of a button.

Take advantage of these benefits:„

  • Standard seasonal efficiency [to DIN]: up to 98 %
  • Effective and reliable utilisation of oil condensing technology by means of an Inox-Radial heat exchanger„
  • Demand-dependent heat generation by means of a two-stage Compact blue flame burner„
  • Open flue or balanced flue operation„
  • All types of low sulphur fuel oil can be used – including fuel oil DIN 51603-6-EL A Bio 10: low sulphur fuel oil EL with up to 10 % bio-components (FAME)„
  • Easy-to-use Vitotronic control unit with plain text and graphic display„ The programming unit in the control unit can also be fitted onto a wall mounting base„
  • Energy saving high efficiency circulation pump (compliant with Energy Label A)„ Ideal for installation in recesses without side clearances