A climate control system will provide quiet, clean radiant heat and/or convected heat.

All Red Dwarf's heating/cooling technologies utilize controlled water flows to various heating modules located strategically throughout  your home. Using electronic controllers radiators can  be set to individually desired temperatures for specific living or working spaces. This ensures even warmth in all rooms of your home with the  ability to change the temperature to your own personal comfort.

Climate control systems are considered essential throughout much of Europe and North America because of the level of comfort they offer, their ease of operation and their efficiency.

Doctors recommend that homes be kept at 16°C or above, with 18°C the recommended temperature for bedrooms, and 21°C for living rooms. Below 16°C, our resistance to respiratory diseases weakens, leading to an increase in coughs and colds - common triggers for flare-ups in New Zealand's large asthmatic population.

Minimising heat loss from your home means less energy is required to maintain it at a comfortable temperature. That saves you money, helps reduce New Zealand's energy consumption and is good for our planet.