Design by David Ponting Architecture

Geothermal Project

Removing latent heat from the ground and converting it to a higher temperature utilising heat pump technology has a proven record in energy savings and dispersing minimal pollutants entering the air we breathe.

The brief from the owner at the planning stages of this project was the requirement  of a system that would fulfill the heating of the home, heating of domestic hot water, pool heating and dehumidification of the pool area.

The type of energy appliance specified was a Vitocal 300-G from Viessmann - Germany.

The system design of the heat pump consisted of extraction of  aquifer water  at 12 degrees and returning the same water to the aquifer at 4 degrees further downstream.

The heated floor system was specified due to a large number north facing  windows and the ability to have a fast reaction time due to changes of temperature within the building. The floor system implements the European standard where there is high level insulation and thermal breaks around the perimeter of the building.

This system  has an efficiency of 50% more  than traditional floor systems where pipework is tied to mesh.

Domestic hot water is delivered to all plumbing fixtures via a 500 litre storage tank heated once a day by the Vitocal heat pump. Delivery of hot water from 12 - 60 degrees is fulfilled within 30 minutes.

Heating of the pool water is integrated with the dehumidification of the air and moisture within the pool room maintaining a fresh moisture free environment.

All programming requirements are made at the heat pump with the capacity for the following:

  • Floor heating
  • Domestic Hot Water Heating
  • Domestic Hot Water Secondary Circulating Pump
  • Pool Heating
  • Dehumidification of the Pool Area


Higher personal comfort and efficiency is enhanced through the integration of a weather compensator in the system.

System efficiency is 460%