Teviotdale House - Architect Chaplin Crooks - Christchurch

Teviotdale House

Commissioned by Chaplin Crooks Architects we designed a heating system based on our supplier Jaga from Belgium philoshopy for heating.

Ultilising the Low H20 convector models for heating means the house has a very fast heat up and cool down time.

This method is complimentry to New Zealand conditions where our weather is changable and with less water in the heating sytem it heats up your rooms fast. When the sun is out and rooms heat up they automacticaly turn off.

This method has 15% more efficiency than if using standard radiators.

On average a Jaga low H20 convector has 3 litres of water to heat whilst a standard steel panel radiator requires 30 litres.

The Jaga range of convectors used were the Strada models. A built in recess model was intergrated into the breakfast bar joinery and remains invisible.

A small condensing gas boiler produces heating and DHW for their home. A solar thermal system heats the incoming DHW to the boiler  and if required the boiler will give you guaranteed hot water.

This method allows the solar system to work at 100% efficency all of the time.


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Solar Thermal System

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