Zero Otto: Manufactured by Antrax - Italy


ZERO-OTTO Francesco Lucchese design

Adding functionality, and the emotions connected with the possession of an object, to aesthetics, are the ingredients of Francesco Lucchese design.

Through this philosophy and his creativity, Zero-Otto has been created, a new heated towel rail.

As well as heating, Zero-Otto, offers the possibility to perfume the surrounding area, in its single version, thanks to a container of essences that is formally integrated with the radiator.

According to our emotions and state of mind, it is in fact possible to perfume the room with the desired essence.

With its simple and clean shape, it is suitable for furnishing contemporary environments, as well as providing heat.

Zero-Otto is made of aluminium and can be installed as a single element, either vertically or horizontally, or in its double version.

The single element has a diameter of 80 cm.

The double version measures 80 cm x 140 cm.