Viessmann Matrix Technology

System Modulation

New homes are well insulated and retain heat within the rooms relatively well. Boiler modulation is an important component of your boiler. When your heating system requires less energy your boiler will modulate to match the demand that is required. Your boiler will be working more and spending less time coming on and off to try and fulfil the demands of the system.

For gas boilers the modulation is automatic and controlled through the heating system programmer and weather compensator.

For diesel boilers the modulation takes place via a two stage burner and when demand is required then the boiler burner will automatically move to the next level. Once again a weather compensator is an important part of the design process.

For pellet boilers modulation takes place via the supply of pellets to the burner via an automated vacuum delivery system or mechanical auger system. A buffer tank also enhances long running times for the boiler increasing efficiency and less wear and tear on the system.

With heat pump technology the air/water heat pumps to 10KW are controlled by an inverter that fully modulates according to heating demand.

Heat pumps 10KW and above achieve modulation via a buffer
tank being installed between the heat pump and the heating system. Sound
planning is very important in this type of system to ensure results are high
efficiency and personal comfort.