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PIOLI Designer Electric Towel Radiator NZ



A designer electric towel rail that teams classical with modern, just like a ladder joins two separate levels together. Indeed, this is the idea behind the Pioli designer radiator, the new radiator designed by Andrea Crosetta for Antrax IT.

Its design is an amalgam of different suggestions and recalls the archetype of the rung-ladder with originality (Pioli is Italian for rungs). The extreme functionality and versatility of this age-old object is also confirmed by this designer electric towel rail: its shape in fact makes its floor positioning leaning against a wall instinctive, yet Pioli can also simply be installed on the wall while retaining a strong identity.


Two ‘rails’ in carbon steel, extending to 207 cm, represent the guides on which the rectangular-section ‘steps’ are anchored unconventionally: grouped together in series of 3, and measuring either 40 or 50 cm in length, they skilfully modify the traditional configuration to produce an eclectic solution. The striking and singular simplicity of Pioli is emphasised by the black or white colour, but the radiator is available in over 200 different colour variants from the Antrax IT colour chart.


The electric version of the Pioli designer towel rail makes it the perfect fit in a second home or holiday home, because it is quick and easy to install; as a matter of fact, it does not require any modifications to be made to existing system.


The Pioli designer electric towel rail is supplied with an electrical plug but it can also be installed connected directly to the electrical system by providing an ON/OFF switch, or the radiator can be controlled using the receiver and timer thermostat.

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