A powerful air-source heat pump that is ideal for modernisations


Thanks to high flow temperatures, a radiator system can be used with this air source heat pump.


The Vitocal 350-A air source heat pump with rated heating outputs 10.6 to 18.5 kW is particularly suitable for projects where high flow temperatures are required.


Thanks to enhanced vapour injection in the compression process (EVIcycle), developed by Viessmann, flow temperatures of up to 65 °C can be achieved –even at winter outside temperatures.

This means the Vitocal 350-A is very suitable for installations  with radiators.


RCD system for particularly high efficiency

The electronic expansion valve and RCD system also ensure an extremely high level of efficiency for the Vitocal 350-A all year round.

For air source heat pumps, the Vitocal 350-A offers a high coefficient of performance of up to 3.6 (in accordance with EN 14511 at air 2 °C/water 35 °C).

This results in high seasonal performance factors and very low operating costs.

The Vitocal 350-A can be installed either internally or externally.

The three-stage radial fan in the heat pump, as well as the flow optimised air routing and the sound insulated casing together make the Vitocal 350-A extremely quiet and during night operation the variable-stage fan control unit reduces the speeds and thus the noise emissions even further.


High DHW Supply

Subject to system version, a higher flow temperature enables a water temperature of up to 55 °C inside the DHW cylinder.This allows the Vitocal 350-A to deliver a particularly high DHW supply.

The Vitocal 350-A achieves the high flow temperature of 65 °C, even at outside temperatures of -10 °C.


Take advantage of these benefits:

  • Air source heat pump, mono mode with a heating output of 10.6 to 18.5 kW for heating and DHW heating
  • Particularly suitable for modernisation through 65 °C flow temperature, even at cold outside temperatures in winter
  • DHW temperature subject to system version up to 55 °C
  • Low operating costs through high coefficients of performance: COP value(COP = coefficient of performance) to EN 14511 up to 3.6 (air 2 °C/water 35 °C)
  • High efficiency all year round at any operating point and therefore low consumption costs through the innovative RCD (Refrigerant Cycle Diagnostic)system, with an electronic bi-flow expansion valve (EEV)
  • Low operating noise through radial fan, sound-optimised design and nightoperation with reduced fan speed
  • Easy-to-operate Vitotronic 200 heat pump control unit with telecontrol and remote monitoring for connection to the Vitocom 100, 200 or 300, plus cascade function for up to five heat pumps
  • Installation inside or outside with matching accessories
  • Efficient defrosting through circuit reversal