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The Tif designer radiator first and foremost stands out from the other models in the collection which comprise tubular elements, subsequently it differs from another plate radiator in the Antrax IT product range because it is the only model to have a plate that is slightly rounded in the corners. With its simple and linear shape, it can be installed horizontally like a living room or bedroom radiator beneath a window or vertically; what's more it can be ordered in the single or double version depending on the customer's heating requirements.


The Tif model can be ordered in 14 different sizes so it can be installed as a living room or bedroom radiator and even take up spaces that would usually be left unused. In addition to the choice of radiator size, Antrax provides 9 special couplings in addition to the standard ones. The couplings differ from one another in the centring distance, which can either be fixed or customised. The living room and bedroom radiator can also be equipped with certain accessories that complete its finish and clean-cut styling. These include for instance the very useful pipe covering kit that conceals the pipe connecting the radiator to the plumbing system. The pipe covering kit is available in chrome finish, which is recommended when the radiator is coloured, or in white finish when the radiator is ordered white. Another extremely useful accessory is the thermostatic head. The thermostatic head is applied to the radiator valve and it is designed to control the temperature of the radiator body itself without the designer radiator necessarily having to be connected to a room thermostat. In this case customers can choose whether to lower or raise the temperature of a single radiator while keeping the other radiators in their home constant. The TIF designer radiator can also be installed in the bathroom thanks to the addition of the towel rail accessory. This way, it turns into a useful place to hang your towels. The distinguishing feature of this designer radiator is that it can be fitted with a towel rail to store several towels and the towel rail itself can be placed at the customer's desired height. Both the designer radiator and the towel rail are available in 200 colour variants. The extensive customisation possibilities afforded by Antrax products mean you can create a unique bathroom, where the designer radiator can either be minimal if you pick a pale and neutral shade, or it can stand out in all its eccentric fun if you go for a bright hue instead. Tif living room and bedroom radiator is part of the Radiators collection which includes all the heating bodies designed to be fitted in any room throughout the home.

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