Floor Heating

Floor heating is a much sought after type of heating and has been a favored throughout New Zealand due to no visibility of heating and comfort of a warm floor.

When embedding heating pipework into a floor an insulation value of R1.9 must be installed underneath all the floor heating area. This is constant over the whole floor area that is heated with no gaps.  This is also irrespective if the floor is concrete or a raised floor and at different levels.

All insulation requirements fulfil New Zealand Building Code 4218.

​The system will work with more efficiency when designed and  installed correctly, above the structural concrete slab and on top of insulating panels.

Unfortunately throughout New Zealand, over the last 20 years, we have seen the installation of underfloor heating within the structural slab of the building. Usually tied to the mesh itself.

By doing this the thermal mass being heated becomes the entire foundation of your building rather than just a 50mm screed.

This makes the system incredibly inefficient and very costly to use.

Comfort levels are also compromised due to long periods of the thermal mass to cool down and heat up.

To ensure you can avoid this problem the system must be correctly designed at the earliest stage of planning.

​The system is suited for all heat sources especially ground or air source heat pumps as only low flow temperatures are required, usually around 30-40 degrees.

This allows the system to achieve a high efficiency and reasonable running costs.

At Red Dwarf we have been designing and installing floor heating systems for over 20 years throughout New Zealand. With our expertise we can design the best system to suit your requirements whether it be new build, renovation work or commercial projects.

Floor Heating Systems



An extremely flexible system

The Roth Knob System is characterised by a high degree of flexibility and straightforward assembly. The undercut and ideal shape of the knobs enable pipes in sizes of 14 to 17 mm to be attached to the knob panels (which also come in sizes of 14 to 17 mm).


The pipes can be laid either orthogonally or – with the aid of an additional film – diagonally. Fixing strips mean that leftover pieces can easily be reused, enabling you to create environmentally-friendly installations with very little waste.

Filler knob panels are available too.


The Knob System is perfectly suitable to operate with renewable technologies running at low water temperatures or boiler condensing technologies.

It is suitable for laying in residential, office and commercial buildings.



Heating and cooling for renovation projects and new buildings

The Roth Clima Comfort Compact System is a heating and cooling system which is particularly well suited to renovation projects. The extremely low, flat installation set-up and the high system reaction speed resulting from it open up new perspectives for planning and installation. The building owner receives additional comfort.

roth floor heating.jpg


Roth Original Tacker System – for solutions that retain their value

A system solution whose components are designed to work together in perfect harmony provides the basis for mastering sophisticated heating construction tasks.

The Roth Original Tacker System (which has proven its worth a million times over) used in conjunction with specially designed pipes provides the ideal foundation for creating a heating supply system that will retain its value in the long term.

The friction-free interlocking comprehensive connection of pipe and patented pipe laying technique is therefore always the first choice for the entire array of sophisticated applications.


Perfection is the result, whether it is for residential, office or industrial construction projects. 



The new Roth Clima Comfort Panel System transforms floors, walls and ceilings into highly efficient, fast-response surfaces that distribute energy in order to heat and cool rooms.


Roth has developed one type of panel that can be used for all applications. Storage and installation require minimum effort and offer maximum convenience.

Unlike conventional wall-mounted radiators, the Roth Clima Comfort Panel System provides an even amount of radiant heat from all sides, resulting in a pleasant room temperature with no circulation of air. Practically the entire surface area of a room's walls, floor and ceilings can be used for heating/cooling purposes. For example, in winter a room can be heated via the floor and/or walls, whilst in summer it can be cooled via the ceiling and/or walls.


The Clima Comfort Panel System can be retrofitted as part of minor refurbishment work and at long last is enabling people to experience that wonderful feeling of "all round comfort".      


Installation and planning to the European standard for floor heating -  the Knob system from Roth-Werke, Germany has a 100% thermally insulated break underneath the floor and around the perimeter of the building.

The NZBC stipulates the insulation level where floor heating is to be used must be a minimum of R1.9.

Most systems installed in New Zealand today and over the past 20 years have rarely reached this minimum standard.

With buildings now completed it is impossible to improve performance and efficiency and the current and future running costs are borne by the building owner and the CO pollutants by us all.

Correct planning and installation must be done at the start of the architectural drawing process to ensure high efficiency and performance.

A structural floor must first be constructed with the floor system insulation panels and pipework laid on top of this.

An  insulation strip is also installed around the perimeter of the floor to prevent heat escaping.

Once this is completed and 45mm concrete screed is poured over the pipework and insulation.

This has a complete thermal break between the inside of the building and outside.

The R rating is 2 - slightly above the recommended standard by the NZBC