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H_20 BDO

H_20 BDO


Like all the other models in the Bath collection, radiators with horizontal arrangement have been designed to maximise the performance levels of the designer radiator in the bathroom. The BDO H_20 horizontal radiator consists of rectangular elements with a 20 x 15 mm cross section, just like the H_20 Bath model. The rectangular cross-section lends the radiator a sense of contemporary appeal, differentiating it from regular round-tubular heated towel rails.

The BDO H_20 model can be ordered with two different heights, 39.2 and 58.4, and 3 different widths: 120, 140, 160. The BDO H_20 horizontal radiator presents a pace created by alternating blocks and voids in the elements, so you can thread towels through the voids. One of the signature traits in all Antrax models is that customers can customise their designer radiator to the max.


Indeed, there is a growing demand for products that blend in seamlessly with their surroundings, becoming an integral part of them; this is why the BDO H_20 model can be ordered in over 200 different colour variants, including RAL colours and exclusive Antrax IT finishes such as colour GRGR, NEOP, ROOP etc. To help the user pick out the perfect finish, a colour chart has been created showing the various finishes to make it much easier to imagine the end result for your chosen radiator. This means the horizontal radiator becomes a genuine item of interior décor to adorn your bathroom in addition to being a mere functional product. Thanks to the extensive range of finishes available, customers can play around with colours and decide whether the radiator body is to have a neutral or contrasting hue, whether to use a minimal colour or whether to opt for a bolder choice to make it the focus point of the entire room.


Antrax radiators are not only arranged vertically. Indeed, 4 radiators with horizontal arrangement in the hot water version have been created. The introduction of horizontal radiators was a result of certain requirements on the part of our clientèle, who needed to install a radiator that would heat towels while also being positioned over their bathtub or where the washbasin vanity top was. To this end, the horizontal arrangement of the model makes it possible to exploit those spaces which would normally not have been used, since too small to install a regular heated towel rail. Another possible positioning solution for the horizontal radiator is beneath a window. In this context, a designer radiator can be seen as a possible storage place for towels, which will concurrently also be heated. The radiators available with horizontal arrangement are: BDO H_20, BDO_13, BDO_25 and BDO TRIM

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