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Geothermal heat pumps New Zealand


Commercial Central Heating Design NZ


At Red Dwarf we work closely with engineers, architects, building management and business owners on numerous commercial projects, specialising in system design and efficiency. With higher efficiency comes lower running costs, which are quickly realised at the commercial scale.

With applications in the health care, residential care, education, accomodation and public sectors we utilise our expertise in low surface temperature radiators to meet regulations. For over 15 years we have delivered our low surface temperature range to these sectors. As well as having a low surface temperature our radiators are able to be paired with heat pump systems running at low water temperatures providing greater efficiencies and future proofing the system.

We can help with new or modernisation commercial projects requiring;

  • Air to water heat pump systems

  • Geothermal heat pump systems

  • High efficiency boilers

  • Biomass boilers

  • Radiators to suit heat source

  • Low surface temperature radiators to meet regulations

  • Underfloor heating systems

  • Hot water services

  • Hydronic component design

  • System automation 

Commercial Central Heating Queenstown NZ Service


​We are able to provide a wide range of commercial installations;


  • New build commercial installations

  • New heating system for existing buildings

  • Upgrade of existing systems

  • Boiler replacement/upgrade

  • Upgrade from existing boilers to renewable options

  • Solar installations

  • Floor heating installations

  • New radiator installations/upgrades

  • Hot water services

  • LPG/Natural gas services

  • Swimming pool heating 

Commercial Central Heating Serving


We are able to provide servicing for a wide variety of commercial systems;

  • Gas boiler systems

  • Biomass systems

  • Ground source heat pump systems

  • Air source heat pump systems

  • Hydronic component servicing

  • System flushing & dosing

  • Hot water services 

  • General plant maintenance 

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