Domestic Services

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The design process is the most important stage of any installation. Choosing the right heating appliance and radiant heaters that are correct for your home is essential for an efficient system that will last long into the future.


At Red Dwarf we can help with;

  • Full schematic design of system and pipework

  • Selecting the correct boiler or renewable technology for your home

  • Selecting the best suited radiant heat system for your home

  • Full schematic design for floor heating systems

  • Heat load calculations

  • Existing system design and calculations for upgrade

  • Existing boiler system design and calculations for conversion to heat pump

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With over 50 years experience in the New Zealand's residential heating sector we have completed hundreds of installations New Zealand wide.

Specialising in;

  • New build installations

  • Modernisation projects

  • Boiler replacement

  • Boiler to heat pump upgrade

  • Hydronic system upgrades

  • LPG services

  • Heating oil services

  • Hot water services



Servicing is an essential part of keeping any heating system in good working order. Servicing should be carried out annually on all systems.

At Red Dwarf we can offer;

  • Full boiler servicing

  • Ground source heat pump servicing

  • Air source heat pump servicing 

  • Full system power flushing

  • Solar servicing  

  • Hydraulic component servicing