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The A_13 home heating radiator is part of the Radiators collection, the category that includes all the models designed to be installed in any room of the home. The A_13 model is a tubular radiator in recyclable carbon steel comprising two 35-mm diameter manifolds onto which round elements with a diameter of 13 mm are welded. The size of the tube gives the model its name.

This home heating radiator can be requested in the horizontal or vertical version, depending on your dimensional and either single or double according to how many Watts you need for its intended setting. The A _13 radiator has a low water content, which means it can be heated uniformly while reducing the water content inside its pipes. This distinguishing feature is definitely important because it means you have a designer radiator capable of doing its job while safeguarding the environment and the planet. The green aspect of the A_13 radiator also stems from the material used to make it. Since it is made of carbon steel, it is easy to recycle and can therefore be correctly disposed of at the end of the useful life of the product itself. Indeed, Antrax tries to achieve its market objectives while retaining unwavering ethics and a solid respect for social, moral and environmental values. A_13 is available in over 200 different colours, making it suitable for all sorts of settings and décors. The home heating radiator thus becomes an integral part of the interior décor while also managing to enhance the special characteristics of its surroundings. The customisability of the radiator also extends to the couplings: the designer radiator envisages four standard couplings, but it can also be ordered with another nine special coupling variants that include customised centring distance best to adapt to the needs of each customer. The A_13 home heating radiator is also available with partition clip couplings: special couplings that allow you to anchor the radiator to the ceiling and floor or to the wall and floor. Their advantage is that they allow you to exploit the radiator body as a partition between two zones in the same room for instance to divide the toilet zone from the bath and shower zone. This example is just one of the many advantages to using the partition clip coupling. This particular type of coupling allows you to exploit all those spaces that, with classic connections, would definitely remain unused. Simply think of the possibility of using a small wall as an anchoring base for the radiator attachment using the ceiling-floor partition clip coupling. Without this special connection, the radiator would definitely not have been able to have been installed in this particular position.

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