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The A_25 designer radiator is also part of the Radiators collection. The A_25 model, an excellent design alternative to the classic multi column radiator, owes its name to the diameter of the elements used to make it. Indeed, the radiator features two 35-mm manifolds onto which elements of a diameter of 25 mm each are welded. The elements are welded at a right angle to the manifold using the projection welding process that exploits molten metal to join two parts without the addition of supplementary alloys.

The A_25 radiator can be requested in the horizontal or vertical version, depending on your dimensional and either single or double according to how many Watts you need for its intended setting. A significant feature of this model is its green aspect: The A_25 radiator is made of carbon steel, meaning it is easy to recycle when the designer radiator has reached the end of its useful life. One of the focus points for Antrax is that the company uses the most sophisticated technologies to conceive and manufacture products designed to maximise their function without however losing sight of environmental sustainability.


The function of the radiator is doubtless to heat its surroundings, but Antrax goes beyond this role dedicated to the product. The Treviso-based brand creates designer radiators that can become an integral part of the interior décor and a strong point in any home. To pursue this idea, it provides over 200 different colour variants to customise each radiator. This helps customers ensure the radiator body blends in with the furnishings and the mood in their domestic location. The sample range includes the most varied shades, from glossy and matt pastel hues, to special and exclusive Antrax finishes. In addition to this, the radiator can also be ordered in all classic glossy finish RAL colours.

The A_25 model is available in both the vertical and the horizontal version, single or double depending on the heat output required. The product dimensions are countless: from 40 cm up to 280 cm high in 10-cm steps; these heights are then combined with the various widths available. This dimensional flexibility is a major help in making this particular model extremely versatile, with an high thermal power, like the classic multi column radiators. The radiator customisation possibilities are further enhanced by the 11 couplings available for this model. In addition to standard couplings, customers can in fact choose connections with customised centring distance. This way, the radiator can also be fitted in homes where wall couplings already exist. In addition to the special couplings, there are also two types of partition clip couplings that envisage the anchoring of the radiator to the floor and ceiling or to the wall and ceiling.

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