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The BD 13 carbon steel towel warmer is part of the Bath collection that includes all the models in the Antrax range specifically studied and sized to optimise and improve radiator functionality within the bathroom. The BD 13 towel warmer comprises two vertical manifolds with a 35-mm diameter, joined together by means of round-section tubular elements with a diameter of 13 mm, hence the name of the towel warmer itself.


The elements are welded stacked over the manifold by means of projection welding that ensures the metal is molten at the point of contact, without the need for additional welding alloys, which is usually the case of cheaper towel warmers, which are assembled using braze welding. The welding point on Antrax towel warmers becomes a strong point and the fact that no additional alloys are used makes it possible to prolong the life of the appliance both in terms of water-tightness as well as paint quality. The elements are positioned in a sequence of blocks and voids, a factor that makes it possible to transform the radiator body into a practical and functional "heated towel rail", which is a must-have in any modern bathroom.


The BD 13 towel warmer is made of carbon stainless steel, which is an entirely recyclable material that ensures the product can be entirely recovered at the end of its life cycle, making for a green product that is all the rage today.


A distinguishing feature of the BD 13 range is that it is available in over 200 different colour variants, including special Antrax finishes as well as an extensive range of RAL colours, and even chrome and gold plated finishes. The BD 13 stainless steel towel warmer is available in several sizes, including 4 different heights (80, 116, 152, 118) that can be configured in 7 different widths starting from a minimum of 40 cm up to a maximum of 100 in 10-cm steps.


Its dimensional flexibility means it is easy to fit in the most diverse types of bathroom décors, from the smallest bijoux bathroom to the largest and most luxurious. In addition to its standard configuration, comprising a single row of elements placed in front of the manifold, the BD 13 model is also available in the boosted version, which entails the addition of a second row of elements placed behind the manifold.


What's more this stainless steel towel warmer can be embellished with a host of different accessories, such as the bathrobe hook, the Antrax designer valves or the function kit for the mixed version, allowing it to operate with both hot water or electricity, although not simultaneously. The mixed version kit is also available in the version with built-in room thermostat, which can be equipped with an infrared remote control to control your radiator from afar as well.

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