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Within the Bath collection, that includes all the Antrax products designed to maximise designer radiator functionality in the bathroom, there is also the BD 25 carbon steel heated towel rail. The BD 25 model comprises 25-mm diameter round tubular elements, which give the model its name, welded onto two manifolds with a larger diameter of 35 mm each.

A major distinguishing feature of Antrax heated towel rails made of carbon steel is the way the elements are welded. The elements are welded stacked above the manifold using the projection welding process. This type of welding makes it possible to achieve melted metal at the point where the element joins the manifold, thereby avoiding the use of additional alloys, which is instead what happens in cheaper heated towel rails which are assembled using braze welding. Melting metal at the point where the manifold joins the element becomes a major strength for the Antrax heated towel rail because it prolongs its life span both in terms of water-tightness as well as quality of its paint. The BD 25 carbon steel heated towel rail is made entirely of carbon steel, a totally recyclable metal that can be recovered when no longer used. This is a green aspect which is dear to Antrax.


The pace of the BD 25 heated towel rail arrangement creates a sequence of blocks and voids, leaving room to hang your towels, which is vital in any bathroom. The BD 25 product can be ordered in over 200 different colour variants, from special Antrax colours to the chrome and gold plated finishes, as well as an extensive range of RAL colours.

The heights available for the BD 25 carbon steel heated towel rail are 80, 116, 152 and 188 combined with 7 different widths (40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100) to create various dimensional configurations to make this product the perfect fit for any bathroom setting, even the tightest. The BD 25 model is available in the standard single version or in the double configuration that includes a row of elements placed behind the manifold.


The heated towel rail can be fitted with various accessories such as the bathrobe hook, the Antrax designer valves or the mixed version kit. The mixed version kit can also be requested with the built-in room thermostat and infrared remote control to control your radiator from afar as well.

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