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The BDO 13 bath radiator towel is created using the BD 13 towel warmer as its base, yet giving it a horizontal arrangement. The BDO 13 model comprises two 35-mm diameter manifolds arranged vertically and 13-mm diameter elements stacked above the manifolds at a right angle. The diameter of the tube, which is arranged horizontally, lends the radiator its name in this case too.

The BDO 13 bath radiator towel is a designer radiator made of recyclable steel and, thanks to the use of slim-diameter tubes, it affords a reduced water content to operate the radiator body. The designer radiator was designed specifically to use only the amount of water required to heat the radiator uniformly and provide a suitable temperature to heat the room, all without any wastage. This feature, combined with the recyclable nature of the material used to make it, make this a green and environmentally-sustainable product. Indeed, Antrax studies all its radiators to maximise the heat output and minimise wastage. The BDO 13 model is available in two heights (36.8 and 58.4) and three widths (120, 140 and 160). It can be ordered designed to accommodate standard couplings or selecting from the two bespoke couplings. In keeping with the idea that Antrax creates increasingly customisable products designed for all needs, the BDO 13 bath radiator towel can be ordered in over 200 different colours that also include certain special Antrax finishes as well as glossy RAL hues and pastel colours. This model can also be ordered in the special chrome and gold plated finishes. What's more, the product can be made even more functional by fitting it with a pair of towel hooks that can be selected either in the same colour as the radiator or in different finishes. This allows customers to play with colour contrasts or create an elegant and minimal look. Antrax has always tried to accommodate all the market requirements, which is why it has conceived a series of heated towel rails with a horizontal arrangement. Indeed, within the Bath collection, these are the BDO 13, BDO 25, BDO trim and BDO H_20 models. Bath radiators towel with a horizontal arrangement can be positioned in all those places that would normally be left unused. They are perfect best to exploit all the available space in your bathroom, and they can be extremely functional when fitted above a washbasin or bathtub. Owing the pace of the elements that creates a sequence of blocks and voids, they become the ideal place to store your towels.

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