Super slim and powerful heating, cooling.


Wall and ceiling hung or
Built-in wall and ceiling options

​Briza is a climate unit with a dual personality: a Hybrid that provides comfortable heat in winter and refreshing cooling in summer.


It provides you with an optimum indoor climate throughout the year.

The power behind the Briza comfort system is the ingenious Low-H₂O technology, combined with a near silent dynamic system.

Briza is the slimmest hybrid available on the market with this much power.

That also makes Briza ideal for connecting to low-temperature systems like heat pumps, solar energy systems and condensing boilers.


Using the latest EC motors enables Brizas to consume up to 50% less electrical energy than traditional motors, and enables remote control using the latest home automation and building management systems.


Output (Boilers at 75/65℃)

  • Without casing - Up to 8953w

  • With casing - Up to 8527w


Output (Heat Pumps at 55/45℃)

  • Without casing - Up to 5372w

  • With casing - Up to 5116w

Output (Cooling at 7/12℃)

  • Without casing - Up to 2375w

  • With casing - Up to 2264w

Colours (With casing option)

  • As standard -Traffic White, Sandblast Grey

  • Additional option - 28 regular colours

  • Additional option - 23 special colours including gold, copper and other metallics in smooth or fine finish