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Underfloor Heating Clima Compact System H1 NZ


Heating and cooling for renovation projects and new builds at minimal depth


  • Minimum installation height  
  • Quick reaction 
  • High stability 
  • Flexibility
  • Safety monitoring for backfilling 
  • Installation on existing screeds 
  • Quick, easy and universal assembly


The Roth ClimaComfort® Compact System is a heating and cooling system which is particularly well suited to renovation projects.

The extremely low, flat installation set-up and the resulting high system reaction speed open up new opportunities for planning and installation. This makes things easier and more convenient for the building contractor. The 14-mm ClimaComfort Compact system panel is made of a partially crystalline material. The material and the unique panel structure are responsible for the great stability and toughness combined with flexibility. This ensures a high degree of resistance to impact, even though it is easy to install. The system panel can be cut to fit easily and precisely, without cracks forming. The self-adhesive system panel is mounted on the existing subsurface. The special panel structure with undercutting makes reliable installation of the system pipe possible in a spiralling or meandering form in a 75 mm grid. Diagonal placement at intervals of 105 mm is possible.

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