All-round comfort


  • Developed and manufacted in Germany
  • Highly efficient EPS heat insulation 
  • Highly efficient heat-conducting elements 
  • Locking mechanism to hold pipes in place 
  • EPP end piece for redirecting pipes 
  • Optional additional insulation
  • Heating and cooling via floor, walls and ceiling for existing and new buildings, with just one type of panel
  • Energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly and fast-response surface temperature control
  • The level of comfort offered by the system when used in wall applications has been confirmed by Prof. Gerd Hauser of the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics. It's THE solution for external walls.
  • When external wall surfaces are lined, the outside temperature is completely isolated from what is going on inside the building, thus lowering energy requirements
  • Fast-response system with optimum temperature control via a heat-conducting plate
  • Short assembly times thanks to dry construction method
  • Low mass per unit area
  • Assembly benefits: system pipes snap in easily and elements for redirecting pipes lock into system panels
  • Unrestricted installation of pipes and lining of surfaces – the perfect fit for every application!