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Freedom of choice in energy source, installation and application.


Effective at the lowest water temperatures - Freedom is super-efficient in combination with any energy source. The lower the water temperature, the clearer the benefits of its power and flexibility! It is the perfect solution for use with heat pumps and new heating systems operating at very low water temperatures.


Compact elegant design - Freestanding Freedom radiators  present Jaga’s innovative and environmentally friendly Hybrid technology in its most compact and beautiful design yet. From its compact design, it packs a powerful punch and performs much more effectively than a bulky traditional radiator or fan convector and can be sympathetically integrated into any interior design concept.


Heating and cooling - Despite its  the  compact  design,  Freedom can meet  your  heating  and  cooling requirements. It’s suitable for non-condensing and condensing cooling using chilled water. Freedom comes fitted with a condensate tray as standard.


Custom colours - Choose from a wide range of colours to match your interior design concept.


Designed and manufactured by JAGA in Belgium.

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