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The name of this particular chromed towel warmer stems from the shape of its elements: rectangular elements with a cross-section measuring 20 mm across and 15 mm high. This distinguishing feature lends this model a sense of modern appeal, while retaining all the functionality of a regular towel warmer. The rectangular elements are then welded onto two manifolds which instead have a round shape and measure 35 mm in diameter.

One of the distinguishing features of Antrax IT towel warmers is the type of welding used to assemble the elements onto the manifold. The rectangular elements are welded on top of the manifold using projection welding. Thanks to this special welding process, the metal is melted at the exact point where the manifold joins the element. Melting at that precise place means the addition of different alloys can be avoided. Which is instead exactly what happens in cheaper towel warmers which use braze welding. The Antrax welding technique guarantees more durability both in terms of water-tightness as well as paint life. The material used to build the H_20 Bath chromed towel warmer is carbon steel, which is entirely recyclable and can be re-used when you decide to replace your towel warmer. This is a very important feature for environmental conservation.


Another distinguishing feature of Antrax towel warmers is their design pace. The pace has been designed to ensure there is a sequence of blocks and voids that create useful spaces in which to place and heat your towels. The H_20 Bath towel warmer can be ordered in over 200 different colours to customise it and adapt it in the best possible way to its intended bathroom surroundings. In addition to special Antrax finishes, the colour range available for H_20 Bath towel warmer includes classic glossy RAL colours and gold and chrome plated finishes.


The H_20 Bath model also offers multiple dimensional combinations. It can be ordered in 4 heights: 80, 116, 152, 186 and in 3 widths, from 40 to 60 cm in 10-cm intervals. All these configurations mean the product can be used in the most diverse settings. This model can be ordered in the hot water version, in the mixed version (version with Schuko plug or room thermostat) and in the electric version.


All versions can be supplemented with various accessories, from Antrax silk-screen printed designer valves to the practical bathrobe hook. What's more, the mixed and electric versions can be accessorised with the timer thermostat or the thermostat to allow practical programming of the towel warmer operation. The Bath collection incorporates products that are technologically created to achieve maximum performance from designer radiators in the bathroom. It also includes the H_20 Bath chromed towel warmer.

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