Assembly-friendly installation


  • Developed and manufactured in Germany
  • Flexible
  • Easy to install
  • Optimal knob shape
  • Can be used for perpendicular and diagonal laying
  • Environmentally friendly installation with very little waste



The Roth Knob System is characterised by a high degree of flexibility and straightforward assembly. The undercut and ideal shape of the knobs enable Roth System Pipes in sizes of 14 to 17 mm to be attached to Roth Knob panels (which also come in sizes of 14 to 17 mm). The pipes can be laid either orthogonally or – with the aid of an additional film – diagonally. Fixing strips mean that leftover pieces can easily be reused, which means that environmentally friendly installations with very little waste can be created. Filler knob panels are available too. The Roth Knob System is suitable for laying in residential, office and commercial buildings.


Red Dwarf are able to help with the supply, design and/or installation process