‘T’ is the first ‘bespoke’ electric radiator wall mounted, made of extruded aluminium with a T-shaped cross section (hence the name), and available in multiple configurations, in both the vertical and the horizontal version. Owing to its unique characteristics, in addition to the standard 120, 150 cm and 200 cm sizes, the electric radiator can also be ordered in the customer's required length, from a minimum of 100 cm to a maximum of 250 cm, in 1-cm steps.


This availability grants maximum flexibility and makes ‘T’ an electric radiator wall mounted that can be custom-'cut', made to measure for its intended surroundings. When fitted vertically, Serie T can be equipped with shelves or hooks, to heat towels and bathrobes. Incredibly, in its horizontal version, it itself becomes a practical shelf, to be used both in living rooms or bathrooms. Serie T electric radiator wall mounted is also available with the radio frequency kit, including a digital timer thermostat and receiver.