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Tavola and Tavoletta are two electric slimline radiators featuring a minimalist, geometrical and almost scholastic look, but backed by a design that is worthy of the major iconic products which have made designer radiator history. Consisting of a range of smooth 4 mm thick aluminium plates, they are the result of a need to evolve and accommodate the increasingly specific demands of an ever-changing market.


The Tavola and Tavoletta electric slimline radiators were designed to meet the heating and interior design needs of both contract and private settings with particular space requirements, thanks to their linear, clean-cut and symmetrical design, and to their exceptional versatility and flexibility.

The Tavola and Tavoletta electric slimline radiators can in fact be fitted with an extensive range of accessories, including a mirror and a delightful chromed accessory to hang your bathrobes on.

Tavola and Tavoletta, like Lego, make it possible always to achieve different, flexible and neat combinations, adapting each time to the available space in their intended point of installation.

The Tavola designer radiator is only available in the vertical electric version, either with a simple cable or with the radio frequency kit, including a digital timer thermostat and a digital receiver.

The Tavoletta electric slimline radiator, which was launched as a non-heating 'satellite’ of Tavola, as a towel rail to be exact, is instead also available in the version with low-consumption electric plate, thereby turning from a mere accessory into a genuine piece of bathroom design and heated towel rail.

When used in a modular and sequential fashion, Tavoletta not only serves its normal purpose but in can contribute towards fully satisfying the heating requirements of a small bathroom.


Tavola: 171 x 35 cm and 201 x 35 cm Tavoletta: 40/60/80/100 x 18 cm

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