Teso is practical slimline electric radiator with a towel rail, which can be used to heat towels, with a simple look that is altogether extremely versatile, clean-cut, tidy and ‘reassuring’. Teso, also in the electric, vertical-only version, either with a simple cable or with a thermostat, embodies the very best contemporary interior design style, which mostly consists of minimal furnishings with a discrete appearance.

Teso is a slimline electric radiator made of extruded aluminium profile bars, consisting of a 25 cm-wide element which is fitted individually or in two- or three-element configurations. It can be either 170 or 200 cm high. The electric version of this slimline electric radiator is only in the vertical layout and it can be supplied either with a simple cable or with a radio frequency kit with digital timer thermostat. In the Teso Colour model, the towel rail can be customised in over 200 different colour variants.