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Contemporary style, minimal and striking silhouettes accompanied by metropolitan ambiances ‘describe’ T Tower, the new modern vertical radiator designed by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez for Antrax IT, a name that explicitly defines its elegant and slender outline.

T Tower constitutes the evolution of Serie T, the iconic radiator resulting from the first partnership between Antrax IT and Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez, retaining its clean-cut and sophisticated design while reinterpreting with a modern twist those characteristics of light-weight and eclectic appeal at the core of the project: a modern vertical radiator which makes it possible to create multiple, 'warm' and surprising configurations, thanks to a single aluminium profile. Slimline, slender profiles, pure and bold silhouettes, smooth and compact surfaces, the most well-known T-shaped 'heat section' opens up to new design creativity, to become self-supporting: T Tower is in fact the first free-standing vertical radiator developed by Antrax IT. The radiator body is 'released' from the constraints of a traditional wall-mounted radiator, to become a genuine item of interior décor, one that is extraordinarily versatile, capable of combining styling appeal with superior heating performance and energy savings.

Made with aluminium profile bars, T Tower is designed to diffuse heat both when running on water as well as on electricity, and it is available in the 170x14x22 cm size. In the electric version, it is fitted with a special satin finish stainless steel round base. Devised to enhance the value of the living room, like an exceptional 'sculpture' that conveys heat, comfort and well-being, T Tower turns into the perfect designer radiator in a bathroom too, thanks to a special large towel rail, with a squared, contemporary shape, that embraces the radiator body. Excellent quality, elegant and functional design, combined with painstaking care for details all help make T Tower a striking radiator with a strong personality, capable of distinguishing its surroundings, wherever it is used. The availability of over 200 colour variants emphasises its decorative value and the definition of sophisticated and trendy finishes.

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