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The Treo stylish radiator is a model in the Design collection which was conceived and designed by Andrea Crosetta. In terms of styling, it has a very clean-cut, linear shape represented by a flat surface that is decorated by three aligned holes. The three holes purposely interrupt the simplicity of the radiator, thereby making it special and modern; what's more, they can be used to hang towels if the stylish radiator is installed in a bathroom.

The Treo stylish radiator is available in the vertical and in the horizontal version so it is easy to fit in any setting. The versatility of this radiator does not stop with the vertical or horizontal layout; it can also be configured with over 9 couplings ranging from the standard ones to ones with customised centring distance. This considerable advantage means the stylish radiator can be installed without having to changing any existing couplings. The Treo stylish radiator is available in over 200 different colour variants which include glossy and matt colours, pastel hues and special exclusive Antrax IT finishes.

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