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The Trim model is part of the Radiators collection, which in turn includes all Antrax products designed and developed for installation in any room of the home. Trim is a modern radiator for living room in recyclable steel comprising rectangular-section elements arranged to form a thick pattern that enhances the minimalism of the model and concurrently makes it possible to achieve a high heating power (Watts).


Thanks to this major characteristic, it is the ideal product to replace classic and unsightly multi-column radiators. The rectangular-section elements lend the radiator a modern, designer touch, while still implementing the look of a classic tubular radiator. The perfect mixture for those who prefer furnishings that are not too cutting-edge yet with a decidedly original touch. This modern radiator for living room can be requested in the horizontal or vertical version, depending on your dimensional requirements, and either single or double according to how many Watts you need for its intended setting.


The Trim modern radiator is definitely the ideal model for installation in any room of the home: it can be used in the living room or even the kitchen. It can even be fitted in the bathroom, because thanks to the useful towel rail from the 316 line, it can also turn into a practical radiator with towel storage. The versatility of the Trim modern radiator for living room is enhanced thanks to the possibility of choosing the radiator in over 200 different colour variants. Indeed, Antrax gives customers the chance to choose their designer radiator in the finish that most adapts to its intended surroundings. The Antrax colour chart includes the special finishes exclusive to the Treviso-based company, such as the colour NEOP, GRGR as well as pastel colours in the double version (glossy or matt). What's more, you can customise the model in all the classic RAL colours in the glossy version. The extensive range of finishes thus means your designer radiator will blend in seamlessly with the mood in your home, where it will become part and parcel of the interior design. An element that brings added value to the room, making it unique and complete. So it is following this concept of customisation that the designer radiator goes beyond its function as a mere radiator body and becomes an object of design.


What's more the Trim modern radiator for living room embodies all the modernity and technology that Antrax uses to create its radiators. The brand has always tried to use the most innovative technologies available on the market to conceive and produce designer radiators that would be functional and at the same time environmentally-friendly. The radiator body is made of entirely recyclable steel so that it can be re-used when it reaches the end of its life cycle.

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