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The Trim Bath square tube towel radiator is part of the Bath collection, which includes all the designer radiator models suitable for use in the bathroom. The concept for the Trim Bath model is a variant on the H_20 model, from which only the shape of the element differs. The Trim Bath designer radiator consists of rectangular elements measuring 15 mm across and 20 mm high, which is the exact opposite to the H_20 model.

Both models feature a modern distinguishing feature: they have a square element instead of the more classic round shape. The square tube towel radiator comprises two 35 mm diameter manifolds, these are round. The elements are stacked above the two manifolds and are welded onto them using projection welding. This particular technique is a distinguishing feature that sets Antrax radiators aside from the cheaper models currently on the market. Projection welding uses the same molten metal to join the manifold to the elements without adding any external alloys. This makes for a longer paint life and greater water-tightness. The Trim Bath model is made of recyclable carbon steel, which enables the recovery and re-use of the material once the designer radiator has reached the end of its life cycle. This is a green aspect that helps environmental conservation.


A significant feature of towel radiators with square tubes is that they also provide somewhere to hang your bathroom towels. This is possible thanks to the pace of Antrax IT elements that creates alternating blocks and voids. The void is ideal for threading a wet towel into. Another aspect not to disregard is colour customisation. Indeed, it is important for every item in our home, and hence in our bathroom, to match. To accommodate this need, Antrax provides more than 200 different colour variants to choose from to customise your designer radiator. Among these 200 shades, you will find exclusive Antrax finishes, RAL colours as well as chrome and gold plated finishes.


The Trim Bath square tube towel radiator can be installed in any bathroom, from the most spacious to the most confined, thanks to its many different dimensional configurations. Indeed, it can be ordered in 4 heights: 80, 116, 152, 188 combined with three different widths: 40, 50 and 60 cm. The versatility of this model does not end at dimensional level. It can also be ordered in three different variants: hot water, mixed (the designer radiator can operate in both ways) and electric. Both the electric and the mixed versions can be ordered with a simple Schuko plug or with a built-in thermostat. The thermostat allows you to control the radiator and program its functions.

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