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TUBONE Central Heating Radiator NZ



Tubone contemporary bathroom and living room radiator starts off as a linear, simple and clean-cut shape where proportions become a distinguishing and identification feature. The basic element comprises an oval ring made with a tubular element with a considerable cross section of 60 mm, with two very sharp 180-degree bends.

This clean-cut, simple object is the starting point for the creation of an entire collection of radiators capable of satisfying multiple functional and styling requirements. Its rounded shape, a classic par excellence, is restyled with a different, modern twist. This innovative design manages to adapt to all types of setting and location. The shape of Tubone contemporary bathroom and living room radiator allows it to be developed into elements either placed side-by-side or stacked, meaning it can be installed either horizontally or vertically, on the ground opposite a window, or even used as a bench. It is also available in the electric version which, when fitted vertically, features a practical towel rail so you can keep your towels warm even in the tightest space.

Both the radiator and the towel rail are available in over 200 different Antrax colours so you can create contrasting or single-coloured configurations. Tubone contemporary radiator for bathroom and living room was awarded the Oderzo prize organised by Unindustria and in June 2008 it was mentioned for the Compasso d’Oro 2008, an acknowledgement to Italian design and manufacturing excellence. The outstanding flexibility afforded by Tubone contemporary radiator means it can be used and placed in all settings, including the bathroom where it can also be used as a towel rail when fitted horizontally above the bathtub, fully accommodating the family concept that distinguishes all the latest Antrax IT radiator models. … when you think there is nothing left to invent your mind contracts and an amalgam of experience, images, shapes and objects compress together and explode into a new idea. Innovation continues... (Andrea Crosetta)

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