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High output gas fired system boilers for commercial applications


The Vitodens 200-W high specification boiler is one of the most efficient and quietest condensing boilers in this sector. It is available for commercial applications up to 900 kW, good news if access is difficult: or floor space is limited; if you prefer the reassurance of having more than one boiler running as a back-up; or if you want all the features of this great wall-hung gas condensing boiler. 
Up to 8 boilers can be cascaded in various configurations, giving a maximum output of 900 kW. Simply tell us your required output and we can supply all the components you need for the best cascade combination for your project.


Intelligent Lambda Pro gas management system

The Lambda Pro is designed to work efficiently irrespective of gas quality. The Lambda Pro combustion controller works alongside the burner to constantly monitor the air to gas ratio. Instead of the gas/air mix remaining fixed from commissioning, the mix is self adjusting as required, to maintain optimum boiler efficiency in relation to the gas volume – in a similar way to the fuel management system in a car engine. The control also replaces the traditional gas valve control and changing to LPG takes just a few seconds – with no changing of any parts.


Modulating MatriX pre-mix burner

Developed by Viessmann, the stainless steel MatriX pre-mix burner, burns with thousands of tiny flames instead of one large one, to distribute heat cleanly and efficiently to the heat exchanger. With a modulation range of 1:4 the heat demand is optimised and maximum efficiency levels are achieved. The extremely low NOx and CO emissions meet or exceed all national clean air regulations and guidelines. 

The stainless steel MatriX mesh ensures long term reliability.


Inox-Radial heat exchanger

As with all Viessmann wall-hung boilers, the Vitodens 200-W features Viessmann’s unique stainless steel heat exchanger, designed for long term reliability, high performance and self cleaning. The design of the heat exchanger ensures high heat transfer through laminar hot gas flow across defined gaps. High corrosion resistance is maintained by the use of high grade stainless steel 1.4571 and thick walls. This component is so reliable that it comes with a 10 year warranty against corrosion.


Advanced controls

The Vitodens 200-W is loaded with features and functions to make installation, maintenance and servicing easy. These include built in software for remote data communication and monitoring; additional heating circuits, a solar/heat pump interface, safety monitor sensors and automatic commissioning functions.


Weather compensation controls

The Vitodens 200-W is available with optional weather compensation controls (the Vitotronic 200). Constant, small adjustments in the boiler flow temperature, in response to changes in the outside temperature, enable the boiler to run cost effectively and efficiently at lower temperatures, condensing for longer. This results in additional fuel savings of up to 15%.

Take advantage of these benefits:


  • Rated outputs: 45 kW, 60 kW, 80 kW, 100 kW, 125 kW and 150 kW
  • Gross efficiencies up to 98%
  • NOx credit rating 4 (<39 mg/kWh)
  • Up to 4 bar operating pressure
  • 10 year warranty on the Inox-Radial stainless steel heat exchanger
  • High operational reliability
  • Modulating pre-mix MatriX burner
  • Lambda Pro combustion control
  • Optional weather compensation
  • Easy and fault-free commissioning
  • Boilers up to 150 kW suitable for natural gas or LPG (no conversion kit 
    required – simple gas valve adjustment)
  • Noise emissions of less than 32dB (A)
  • High DHW comfort with DHW pre-heat function
  • Easy integration with renewable energy technologies
  • All serviceable parts accessible from the front
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