Zero-Otto provides warmth, to the touch, but also to sight and - incredibly - to smell: thanks to its particular structure, in fact, the Zero-Otto designer electric radiator - when it is in the single version - features a compartment where you can place particular fragrances which are diffused thanks to the heat produced by the element itself.

In the single version, which is the only electric version available, the Zero designer radiator has a very simple, rounded decorative shape with an 80 cm diameter. Zero-Otto, designed by Francesco Lucchese, allows you to store towels and bathrobes onto its soft and welcoming forms. An unusual choice yet one that is capable of astounding you with its dual soul. This designer electric radiator is quick and easy to install and no changes need to be made to the existing central heating system; it is therefore ideal for installation in a second home or holiday home. Zero designer electric radiator is available in either the simple version with a cable, or with the radio frequency kit, to control its programming functions remotely.