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Gas Boiler Heating Viessmann

Gas Condensing Boilers

Our range of gas condensing boilers offer a highly efficient and reliable heating and hot water solution for your home or business. We offer technologies for convenient heat generation with natural gas or LPG that meet a wide variety of requirements.

We provide appliances suitable for use in apartments, family homes or commercial projects. This includes compact, wall mounted models gas condensing boilers that can be installed in almost any room.

With options of integrated hot water cylinders, solar compatibilities and hybrid operation with heat pump technologies these boilers are the ideal solution for any new building or modernisation project.

Condensing boilers with gas are also available in larger outputs. They are mainly used in buildings with a high heat demand. These are usually apartment blocks, as well as public and commercial buildings. Thanks to the cascade function, several devices can be quickly connected to form a single unit and reliably provide heat in this application as well.

Gas condensing boilers are more efficient than older non-condensing designs. Equipped with condensing technology, they utilise not only the heat generated by combustion, but also the water vapour content. They transfer this additional heat energy back into the heating system, meaning that more of the money you spend on fuel is converted into heating and hot water for your home or business.

Our gas condensing boilers are at least 98 per cent efficient, helping to save you money and cut your carbon footprint.

Industry Leading, Gas Condensing Technology 

Viessmann Gas Boiler

New Generation Domestic Boilers

Ultimate reliability and maximum efficiency, these are the qualities users expect of a Viessmann gas condensing boiler system.
The latest generation of Vitodens 200 -W also sets high standards in visual and technical design, and usability.
The boiler is an intelligent energy centre that meets the highest standards of convenient heat supply.
With its advanced, functional and clear layout, its matt pearl white finish blends effortlessly into any living environment.

Ultimate operating convenience with a modern colour touch screen.
The latest electronic platform heralds a new era of operation and control between systems, heating engineers and users.
The new 7" colour touch screen delivers the highest level of operating convenience.
For example, users can check their energy cockpit to see consumption and, if installed, solar yields at any time.

Viessmann Commercial Gas Boiler

Commercial Cascade Boilers

The Vitodens 200-W high output gas condensing boiler is one of the most efficient and reliable boilers for commercial use.

The Vitodens 200-W offers an affordable, space-saving solution – either as a single unit up to 150 kW or as a cascade with up to eight boilers and a heating output up to 900 kW.


Vitodens 200-W wall mounted condensing boilers are especially suitable for installation in apartment building, commercial or public buildings.

Solutions with gas

Whether using LPG or Natural gas, the ability for gas condensing boilers to be applied to almost any project to meet any required heating load is what makes them the most preferred and trusted source of heating throughout the world. Their compact design, by far the smallest per KW, means they require much less installation space than other forms of heating.

Applications where gas is used:

  • Heating water for central heating convectors and radiators

  • Floor and wall heating solutions

  • Domestic or commercial hot water provision

  • Pool and spa heating

  • Auxiliary heat for heat pumps and renewable energy systems

  • Small to large scale commercial projects

  • Upgrading from existing boilers to gas condensing. e.g. Coal boilers, non- condensing gas boilers

  • HVAC systems 


Solutions that can be added:

  • Solar thermal system integration for domestic hot water and/or heating/pool and spa heating

  • Provision for ground or air source heat pumps to become the primary heat source in the future

  • Provision for integration into home automation or BMS for commercial applications


Easy to use programming:

  • Integrated WiFi connectivity to control your heating system remotely via your phone or ipad

  • Weather compensation - For boiler modulation which will adjust the heat output as the outside temperature changes, leading to energy savings of 15%

  • All gas consumption can be viewed in the energy cockpit on the programmer. This allowing you to closely follow your gas usage leading to additional savings.

  • Smart, clear programmer in colour touch screen for heating time programme control, room temperatures, heating circuit control and other settings


Contact us at Red Dwarf for professional advice and knowledge that will help you choose the right energy source for your system.

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